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Teaching Session #8 - 11 February 2018

The letter to the Colossians

Main speaker - Sharon Copestake (Vicar St Francis, Strood)
Leader for the evening - David Wilkins


Sharon writes:

As all good Sunday school children know, the answer is Jesus. And nowhere do we see this more clearly than in Paul’s letter to the young church in Colossae.
But what was the question? What was happening in Colossae that warranted Paul to repeat and repeat the supremacy of Jesus in all and for all and above all? We will explore the nature and purpose of Paul’s letter and why the Colossians needed reminding that Jesus was the answer, and, along the way, consider whether we too share anything in common with these people of some 2000 years ago and whether we too need reminding of the answer.



Bible teaching - Sharon Copestake   


PowerPoint to go with the teaching


Comments and Discussion - led by David Wilkins